Your Idea Needs A Simple Step By Step Method To Launch - This Is How!!!

"The 7 Step Launchpad Challenge"

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This challenge will help you take your idea and create the ideal launch platform so that you can pre-sell, create and provide an ongoing evergreen marketing solution for your online business and clientele.

The Details Of What
Each Module Is About!

Step 1

It’s time to make the decisions on what you want to do online.


Do you want to “make money”?


Do you want to “create a community”?


Do you want to be a “Social Media Influencer”?


Do you want to “launch your book “?


Do you want an “Online Shop” for your “products”?


Do you want an “Online Academy” where you “teach your expertise”?


Do you want to move your “physical business” to an “online business”?


There are a hundred different reasons people have businesses online.


In Step 1 of the 7 Step Challenge, we use proven techniques to get clear direction and actions that mean the following 6 steps of the challenge will be a success.


Plus we discuss the different business models that match our ideas.

It’s time to get started – don’t you think?

Step 1 - It's All About You
Step 2 - It's About Them

Step 2

In Step 1 it was all about you…


In Step 2 – its all about them…


Who is your client? 


Who is your ideal prospect?


The Who, What, Why & Where are they?


This is the fun step because who you think is your customer could actually be what is stopping you succeeding and your “actual customer” could be someone completely different…


We look deep at how to find who your customer is, we look at how to discover the information… 


What systems can you use to find out?


We give you the how to find the answers – it is better to create for those you know who want what you have than to create and hope….

Step 3

How does the sales funnel actually work without confusing the heck out of you?


Can we do just a simple sales funnel?


How about split testing and multiple pages with different offers?


What do we do with people who want to be affiliates?


What pages do we actually need in a sales funnel? Is a landing page, a checkout page and a thank you page enough?


(Hint: there are legal requirements that mean you 

might just need additional pages).


Is a funnel easy to design or complex?


(Hint: We have a graphical funnel builder in our Ultimate Business Suite that is AWESOME, plus I show you a completely free alternative also).

Step 3 - The Funnel Flow
Step 4 - The Look & Feel

Step 4

Let’s make it pretty…


Looks Matter… Or do they???


Design and ThE UsER ExPeRIEnce


Does Consistency Matter?


There are thousands of ugly websites that sell millions of dollars every day.


There are thousands of pretty websites that sell millions of dollars evert day.


Which is the one for you?


We go into details of design, aesthetics, user experience and I show you live how to edit the pages. (If you can type in Microsoft Word, if you can insert a picture into a document, it’s that easy – and if you can’t we have a solution for you as well ….. )

Step 5

What you say is the difference between a sale and no sale.


What you say is the difference between a prospect and a suspect.


What you say is the difference between a community and being alone.


Do you need to hire a copywriter or can you do it yourself?


Why a copywriter can be the death knoll for your sales?


Why a copywriter can be the contributing factor to your close rate? 


During Step 5 we go through the different sales letter styles, we look at the different sales formulas and the difference between copy vs content.


What you say is what matters.

Step 5 - Words Have Power
Step 6 - The Tech Headache

Step 6

This is where the Tech headache really can knock you around, but we have it covered.


We are talking about receiving money online and with that comes Payment Processor compliance issues, Know Your Customer checks (KYC checking that banks use), getting yourself setup for merchant accounts and online credit card processing. Then there is the actions that have to be taken for legal regulatory compliance, plus there are restrictions on what credit card processors will allow to be sold…


PHEW – But wait there’s more….


We also talk about receiving payment through alternative methods and how to be compliant.


Plus using mailing lists, GDPR compliance, SPAM act’s etc… they have rules also….. we cover mailing list management and more….


This is another big one that we make really simple and step by step for you to achieve easily…


This is one of the BIGGEST HEADACHES we get rid of for you, so you can receive your online income anywhere in the world.

Step 7

So now we have all the tech setup sorted, the actual sales is the ongoing part that needs to be given attention to.


Sales is not a dirty word..


Asking for a sale is not a bad thing…


In Step 7 we will be discussing various sales techniques, what works, what doesn’t work. Plus how to take your product from one-off to evergreen.


We also cover working with others to sell your products. Joint Ventures, Affiliates – how to engage them, what they look for in a product or service to sell.


How the tech works with joint ventures and affiliates so that you can track their sales and then pay them correctly. 


We also discuss the dangers of this and how what can go wrong could cost you your business, your home and the shirt off your back (we show you how to not let that happen).

Step 7 - Sales = Income
Bonus Step 8 - The Million Dollar Launch Secret

Bonus Step 8

This is the one that gets our wallets excited.


Is it possible to do a million dollar in a day launch?


I will share with you a Million dollar product launch that I was Launch Manager for. We did 1 million dollars in a 24 hour period. The ticket price was $5000….


Then I will also share with you another Million Dollar Launch that catapulted a new Internet Marketer into the spotlight. 


You will see the process that he went through to get started in the industry.


His reputation today is based upon that Launch plus another secret that I will also share…


Oh this is a behind the scenes look at some of the worlds greatest from within their camps..


How do I know???


I was there…..


You will NOT want to miss this….

This HUGE Challenge Will Educate You On Your Online Journey Like No One Has Before!!!

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